I am a Daft fan like many others. <br /><br />I'm gathering all the Paris, Bercy live show videos of the Daft Punk to create a motion picture from. <br /><br />I already have about 15 GB of good videos from many fans, so if you wanna be part of this project, feel free to conctact me if you have videos of this show. <br /><br />Here is the list of the first contributors. If you wanna be part of it, contact me : <br /><br />Anivek59 <br />Bluemaid <br />Btfl <br />CoToRep <br />Cerberuswg <br />Daft-Forever <br />DjMotte <br />DjMook <br />Derrick <br />Elyxir <br />Housever <br />Infinityonhigh <br />Kakos_TB <br />Kilvan8 <br />Kossaboy <br />MikaelV <br />Ols1 <br />Pgxrennes <br />Pupute95 <br />Rootsman1984 <br />Samarteam <br />Samleskateur <br />Scalplace <br />Seburnin <br />Speo007 <br /><br />They're all making this project real. <br />Join them !