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It's the end of this channel - not my fault - ask the person who keeps reporting my video's for stupid reasons.

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Tivis Slone
Shame that keeps happening to you :( This was the place where I watched all the classics after Doctor Who went under. I enjoyed my time spent watching your vids, and I hope you accept my twitter follow. Now I have a huge DVD collection of them, but the nostalgia still sets in of my time spent here.
March by Tivis Slone
That sucks that all of your videos got deleted, copyright is so damn annoying!
Last year by MissySelenity
Bummer, man! I was really enjoying your videos. A pox upon the jackass who reported them!
Last year by RagingThespian
Kathryn Kiser
Congrats and Cheers!! Glad you are well again and can go back to freelance! So happy I looked at the comments before watching more! I do miss you. Will try twitter soon! (I'm better)
Last year by Kathryn Kiser

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