Bombs Away

The Bombs Away sound is twisted together to generate a stylin, bouncy, party rockin set that sounds pretty much like the soundtrack to Obama backflipping out of a helicopter with a skateboard attached to his feet.

Each of the boys has musical background that brings a unique element to their shows,

Thomas Hart was the kid that never shut up, a B Boy from the age of 13 under the alias Orpheous earned him the crown of many beatboxing & MC championships before moving on to production and rocking beatport Top100's as Thomas Hart.

Sketch's influence comes from playing guitar (badly) in a pile of (crappy) Rock & Punk bands then moving on to DJing hoping he could actually be good at something, taking out #53 Nationally in the ITM DJ POLL along with BEST ELECTRO DJ in the PD Music Awards

Jackness, being the token asian guy, has studied classical music with years of violin training (but still cant play it) now he chooses to do audio kung-fu behind a stack of decks!

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