Lee Vesk

Near this dark birthday, I fell "fucking hostile". <br />Near the "cemetary gates", I'm "hollow" and "I'm broken". <br />I fell like I "live in a hole". <br />I would like have "5 minutes alone" to pray for the "cowboys from hell". <br />Then with "good friends and a bottle of pils", we'll "rise", "walk" together <br />And keep "this love" for Dimebag Darrell Abbott. <br />I hope "no good" and no rest for that man, "by demons be driven", who wrote this "message in blood", <br />This guy who "slaughtered" Dime and the others. Hope that he walk "13 steps to nowhere". <br />"Yesterday don't mean shit", but you guys and "the great southern trendkill", wrote past forever. <br />Dimebag, you're "becoming more than a man". <br />You often were my "medecine man". <br />You had "the art of shredding" our ears. <br />And as long as you live in my heart, you will be "living through me". <br />But without you, it will be "Forever Tonight". <br />In the "Valhalla", I hope you find "the sleep". <br />"Throes Of Rejection", I "use my third arm" to write this, for Vinnie, Rex, Phil and of course for Darrell. <br />I'm "proud to be loud" and as "i can't hide" my pain, I will be "stronger than all". <br /><br />My tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott and Pantera <br />REST IN PEACE DIME