Lee Vesk

Near this dark birthday, I fell "fucking hostile".
Near the "cemetary gates", I'm "hollow" and "I'm broken".
I fell like I "live in a hole".
I would like have "5 minutes alone" to pray for the "cowboys from hell".
Then with "good friends and a bottle of pils", we'll "rise", "walk" together
And keep "this love" for Dimebag Darrell Abbott.
I hope "no good" and no rest for that man, "by demons be driven", who wrote this "message in blood",
This guy who "slaughtered" Dime and the others. Hope that he walk "13 steps to nowhere".
"Yesterday don't mean shit", but you guys and "the great southern trendkill", wrote past forever.
Dimebag, you're "becoming more than a man".
You often were my "medecine man".
You had "the art of shredding" our ears.
And as long as you live in my heart, you will be "living through me".
But without you, it will be "Forever Tonight".
In the "Valhalla", I hope you find "the sleep".
"Throes Of Rejection", I "use my third arm" to write this, for Vinnie, Rex, Phil and of course for Darrell.
I'm "proud to be loud" and as "i can't hide" my pain, I will be "stronger than all".

My tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott and Pantera

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