ace production

Ace Production présente ses délires vidéos : Le projet pilote de la série Very Bad Casting, La série "Le Casting" sont court métrage : "Tarantinesque Fiction", le court "Le Travail". Le clip Intemporelle de Dadyday et l'interview par Nathalie B de Grand Corps Malade. Et bientôt la série Le Casting Reloaded !!!<br /><br />ACE Production present their aware movies : Our serie's pilot for 'Very Bad Casting', 'The audition' Tv serie about a production seeking their perfect actor (8 episode have their english subtitles, the other are incoming). And a short movie 'Tarantinesque Fiction' about a director who want to be Quentin Tarantino (english subtitles are available). Another short movie 'Le Travail' who's talking about the work and the vision of working in a big society.<br />For collaboration and contact from people who working on Movie industrie send us a mail! Otherwise make a comment on our vidéos!