Lapino Albino is not a company, it's a concept put together in order to fulfill your every multimedia need. <br /><br />Lapino Albino, four people, specialized in audiovisual arts and development, combined with multimedia knowledge. Creativity, smooth organizational skills and a high level of perfectionism are features which distinguish us. Lapino Albino will never sacrifice quality to get faster results, but chooses to offer the uttermost attention to any task. Thus your product will never be compromised, whatever the budget or deadline is. We continuously invest our talents and know-how where they're needed, hence working in a no-nonsense manner and with a task-focused approach. <br /><br />Audiovisual Production <br /><br />Although organized like any other company, the active ingredients of Lapino Albino are all multi-taskers. The Lapino’s are always on the lookout for new and innovative techniques. Our experience ranges from the small corporate video, over commercials and clips to the most complex documentaries. With a healthy focus on cross-medial projects, quality is delivered within a wide range of audiovisual genres. <br />We put our creative minds together from the moment we lay hands on your project until the time it will be put to proper use. The lifecycle of your project is now in good, creative and careful hands. <br /><br />Website : <br />WorkFlow : <br /><br />