shadow the hedgehog

hi i love sonic the hedge hog tv show fav character an shadow my favorite ps2 game is KH2 AND SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG and my fav wii game is mario and sonic olympics and my fav cartoon shows are sonicx animanics and any digimon show and also if 18 years of age and you want to be my friend or in my group and you post a video or i put your videos on my channel i only want videos that don't have adult contents are anything like that. i only want vids for my age that's all comment if that sounds mean and ask me if its alright for the video to be on my groups or channel ( i'm not trying to be strict i'm just not allowed to watch anything with adult contents .) hope you understand.

go to and &click which hedgehog are you shadow or sonic there are 2 of them also go to to look at my video thare