Ken Vorland

Ken Vorland is more than just a skilled and inspired musician... He seems to make
the guitar come alive in his hands, no matter if he plays his own, or tunes others have
written. The heavy metal guitargenius from sweden, draws inspiration from many aspects of
music, from classical Mozart and Beethoven, rock legends such as Black Sabbath, right down to
the very extreme metal icons such as Deicide. But always does he make the music his own,
never once sounding like just another copying guitarist. His style is unique and flavourful,
and his live performances are the stuff legends are made of...

No matter what your taste in metal is, Ken Vorland's music is sure to hit home
everytime. His songs are so varied, it is impossible to put a label on it. From sad hardrock
ballads, pure old school heavy metal, right down to thundering, destructive blackened
death metal songs, making an evening of Ken Vorland tunes, a journey of excellent
entertainment. The only excuse not to rock out to this music, is total paralyzation.

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