jimmy the weed

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In the Summer of 2012 began releasing songs as Bath Salt Zombie


by Jimmy The Weed

i was busted in a school-free drug-zone... with 2 bags of mushrooms and a cracked pipe... They took my bag of weed...but wouldn't ya know....i failed my piss test! While all of my friends were licking toads, i was thinking about injecting air! i figured you couldn't get a cheaper high than air, then it went from 50 to 75 cents over night!........then i experimented with dropping acid,...but no matter how high i dropped it from, i could not seem to get any higher..... :( .......i tried inhaling nitrous... but i dropped the cylinder on my foot and smashed my big toe. So, i said to myself "this just isn't working! i need a program!" ......But no matter how hard i searched, i couldn't find a program on "How to do Drugs"..... Then a new Drug Mart went up beside my house... i thought that maybe i could get a job there, but it closed because too many people were robbing it. ............such is life!
it's what you make of it.