Icemachine Focusun

As the top manufacturer of ice machine in China, FocusunTM dedicates itself into researching and developing advanced refrigeration technology. We mainly design and manufacture tube ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice machine, cube ice machine, plate ice machine, water chiller, concrete cooling system, automatic ice storage system, dynamic ice storage system and all kinds of cold rooms.<br /><br />FocusunTM is specialized in designing and manufacturing ice making machines. Excellent technology, fabulous quality and premium service are the competences help us to gain the leading position on the refrigeration sector.<br /><br />Since the beginning, due to our commitment to customers, we only aim to provide the best ice making solutions and relative refrigeration systems as per different customers' demands and situations. After years' application and discipline, we have transformed this commitment into our humble faith, which you will benefit from and the industry will be reshaped by.