ibeatyou (IBY) was started by a group of very competitive friends. Whether it was determining who had the funniest celebrity impressions, or remembering how many times someone beat somebody else in Nerf Basketball Contests, we realized there was no real outlet to easily showcase our "skills" with other people, or ways to easily let others decide on the true winner. ibeatyou was created for this sole reason alone. We wanted to create a platform where people could compete with anyone else in the world in anything; publicly for the world to see, or privately amongst friends. Letting the "public" choose the true winner and tracking stats to back up your bragging...these were all things which we've tried to create with ibeatyou.com. As we continue to evolve the site, we will continue to focus on building ibeatyou as THE place to compete. <br /><br />Our DailyMotion page is a place where we will be showcasing some of our videos! To see the rest, go to www.ibeatyou.com!