Club Love

I'm packin' every musical genre out there,<b> so nobody is left out,</b> There's good in all right? well, here's my taste of what's sorta good in all...I hope ya dig it.. <br /><br />If you enjoyed the vids, maybe take a sec to vote & comment..I do get your comments I read 'em...merci merci..<b>enjoy the eye-candy mez amis</b> <br /><br />|^^^^^^^^^^^^| <br />|YOUTUBE.SUX ||""";.., ___. <br />|_…_…______===|= _|__|…, ] | <br />"(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@ <br /><br /><b> PS -- Video killed the Radio Star...</b> <br /><br />