Hobbyhorse is the San Francisco Bay area duo of Annie & Phil that take psychedelic folk/rock into the present day with poetic songwriting and adventurous arrangements. After a year in the studio, they have returned with a new full-length album release "Break in the Clouds"; as well as original mythology-themed shows, performed notably at this year's Ancient Ways Festival and the Palo Alto Art & Wine festivals. <br /><br />Along the way, Hobbyhorse recorded a tribute to Donovan with a new cover version of "Sunshine Superman," featuring full psychedelic arrangements, including electric sitar, harpsichord, middle eastern percussion, harmonium and female lead vocal. The track, and associated original watercolor painting, is exclusively available at their online music and art venue Hobbyhorse Cafe; which features the musical duo's music and art, as well as a growing lineup of talented guest musicians, artists and poets. The Caf� offers an innovative pricing system called "Conscious Choice Pricing," allowing fans to choose how much they pay for downloads and merchandise.