Andy Bell

United Kingdom
Average guy doing an average job!
After witnessing three ufo's since 1998 found myself asking a few questions and eight years later I have a few answers!


Joie, Bonheur, AMOUR, Paix, Sérénité et Santé pour toi et tes proches

4 years ago by Buffalo1881
Andy Bell
Hi, Andy Bell. (hgn53k on twitter)
Presidential News (ObamaNewsLine) is now following your updates on Twitter.
You may follow Presidential News as well by clicking on the "follow" button on their profile.You may also block Presidential News if you don't want them to follow you.
The Twitter Team 17 July 2009
5 years ago by Andy Bell
Andy Bell
Scribes have been translated 4000 years EARLIER than the Bible - The SOURCE of ALL Earths religions!

6 years ago by Andy Bell
Thanks for your friendship request and also for all yours video !
6 years ago by Sansoni

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