- Member of the PSeME (Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music). Since 2005, POLAND. <br />- Artistic director of the “Multiples Languages Meting”. La Plata, ARGENTINA, 2001. It’s an international meting to share performances, installations, exhibitions, lectures. Sponsored by the Culture state office of La Plata city. <br />- Active member of the Artistic Society "Muzyka Centrum". Cracow, POLAND, since January of 1989. H. Fiore participates in the activities of the grouping as performer, lecturer, and composer. Since 1975 Muzyka Centrum takes organized more than 500 events and concerts of contemporary music, but of 500 world-wide openings. It is member of the European Conference of Promoters of New Music (c/o Gaudeamus-Amsterdam) annually contributing to the calendar of European music with the International Summer Workshop of Contemporary Music Krakow/Stuttgart and the Audio Art Festival. <br />- Chief of the Composition Section at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Bba Music Department (2004 - 2011), La Plata National University, La Plata, ARGENTINA. <br />- Member of the “Peripeties Improvisation Duo”. Cracow, POLAND, since April 1999. It’s a duo with K. Pyzik, to play an study music using music instruments of different cultures, epochs and latitudes. <br />- Sound artist at the KUNSTRADIO projects. VIENNA, AUSTRIA, since November 1997. With G. Moser-Wagner (Austria) and B. Piersol (the USA), among others. <br />- Press and broadcasting director of Euro American Konsorcjum. Bielsko-Biala, POLAND, de 1993 a 1997. <br />- Consulting artistic of the society "Teatro Lirico di Roma - Staggione Lirica di Taormina". Rome, ITALY, years 1990 and 1991. <br />- Artistic director of Argentinean Embassy First Cycle of Concerts of Argentine Contemporary Music in Poland. Warsaw, POLAND 1989/90. <br />- Member of “Grupa Sur”. Cracow, POLAND, years 1987 & 1988, folklore of south America. <br />- Founder member, composer and conductor in the grouping "Otras Musicas". Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.