Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie ENSP

Since 1984, the ENSP has been recognized as France’s leading school in pastry arts. Almost 30 years of solid experience in transmitting best practices and skills to both prestigious chefs and students from all over the world. The school is owned by Yves THURIES and Alain DUCASSE who are the most influential chefs in the culinary world today.<br /><br />OUR PROGRAMS:<br /><br />-- FRENCH PASTRY CAMPUS (WINTER & SUMMER) (2 months with 224 hours practical in the laboratory + 1 month optional internship)<br /><br />-- FRENCH PASTRY ART PROGRAM (5 months with 530 hours practical in the laboratory + 2 months internship)<br /><br />-- FRENCH BAKERY ART PROGRAM (2 months with 224 hours practical in the laboratory + 1 month optional internship)<br />The emphasis for this group is on discovering the art of bakery.<br /><br />-- MY PASTRY WEEK (1 week)<br />Designed for a passionate audience who are keen on "Making their Dream Come True!"<br /><br />-- CERTIFICAT D'APTITUDE PROFESSIONNELLE (C.A.P.)<br />6 months program in French with a strong emphasis on intensive practical work (490 hours practical in the laboratory + 8 weeks internship).<br />The C.A.P. is delivered by the French National Board of Education<br /><br />-- CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR PROFESSIONALS<br />Practical seminars given from 1 to 5 days with top chefs given either at the ENSP or on your premises.<br /><br />-- TAILOR MADE SHORT PROGRAMS<br />The ENSP also proposes tailor made training programs that can be given either at Yssingeaux or elsewhere. Specific proposals will be made upon request.<br /><br />-- PARTNERSHIP<br />A partnership program with culinary schools worldwide, allowing students to perfect their French pastry and baking skills, under the guidance of experienced international chefs.<br />The ENSP designs and manages international programs based on partners specific requirements leading up to the delivery of a dual diploma.<br /><br />At the end of our programs we deliver a certificate which is highly recognized by worldwide professionals.