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I'm a Christian musician who enjoys playing piano and singing, especially Keith Green covers, to my Heavenly Father. I've been singing and banging on the piano since before I was born. (I literally had a tiny piano and microphone in the womb! O.K., not really...). I took vocal and piano lessons at a very early age (9ish?), but didn't care much for either, so I quit. The Lord eventually gave me an overwhelming desire, and taught me how to play piano at age 16 using Keith Green CD's, a Keith Green songbook, and a laminated chord sheet. I've been praising the Lord ever since. Now, using the Internet as a medium, I can reach literally thousands of lives (and potentially millions), all from the confines of my small home recording studio. If God opens a path for me to play live, I will obediently follow. Until then, I will play here, for you. Thank you for watching and see ya around.

I'll be posting about 1 or 2 songs per week. If you have any special requests, please email me.

You're also invited to visit my personal website to download higher quality (e.g. less compressed) music and videos. http://www.jasonlonjacobs.com/


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