dj bouto

turntables, electronics, guitar, percussion.<br /><br />After having studied piano and guitar, it's mainly in the area of electronic music that he acts as a dj and musician.<br />Involved in a travelling sound system called Exp, he plays in some of the genuine techno underground events of the 90's (teknivals, raves...).<br />From 1995 to 2005, as a member of the collective "La Bande Adhesive", he plays with such musicians as Arno Riva, Guem, The Well Spotted and shares the turntables with Jeff Mills, Miss Kittin, Porter Ricks, among others...<br />On the other hand, he leads an activity of a composer and often writes music for choreographers , contemporary authors, soundscape installations and silent movies.<br />Bouto is also sound engineer and producer of many records in the techno industry.<br />Since 2005, he plays live with several experimental (Burstscratch, Suboko, Debbie Gaines) and electronic music (mic&rob, Hell's Gate, BRAND NEW BASTARDS) bands.