Emiliano Pappacena

Daimon Production is an independent production company founded in 2009 by the freelance video reporter Emiliano Pappacena.<br /><br />Daimon Production has swiftly become a real teamwork of young professionals who pool their know-how in the audiovisual industry.<br /><br />Our mission is to produce TV reports, documentaries and new TV formats paying particular attention to social issues, immigration, environmental sustainability and technological innovation.<br /><br />Our video reports have been aired on Rai Due, Rai Tre, Rai Storia and on the satellite television Rai Edu.<br /><br />Why Daimon?<br /><br />The Daimon can be regarded as a spirit or an entity - superior to man but inferior to divinities - or even as a jinn or a demon. According to the Greek philosopher Socrates, the Daimon was that entity that drove him to discuss, confront and search for moral truth. Each and every one of us has their own Daimon. Ours is curiosity, the thirst for truth that compels us to dissect and then reassemble the complex reality in which we all live through our video productions.