>> Dj and records collector for 6 years, Coreback started his electronic career since he was only a pupil in junior school, being seduced by albums that his friends used to listen such as Laurent Garniers Laboratoire Mix. <br /><br />Quickly after he turned to « harder » sounds and began to buy his first Thunderdome s CD and definitely fall under the Hardcores charm. <br /><br />Mixes such as Liza'n'Liazs Hardcore volume 1 (Fairway Rec) or Manu le Malins Hardcore volume 2, (Fairway Rec) will strengthen his tastes for hard and speed beats. <br /><br />Since the year 2000, he began to play in free parties and during various teknivals under the name THS, from techno sound to Drumnbass and finally Hardcore music. <br /><br />Then in 2003, he came back to his first loves and his keen interest increased for Hardcore mixs. <br /><br />At the same time and thanks to many sets you can easily download free on various specialized forums, Coreback began to be really distinguish on internet. . <br /><br />He seriously left the beaten paths in 2006 after his successful integration among the famous K-Bal french hardcore sound system, well known by the devastating Bpms purist lovers.He has now left this collective to privilegiate his own carrier. <br /><br />His main influences come from French Hardcore from 1996 to 2000, with some labels such as Hangars Liquides, SODOM, Komum, Never Forget, HIV etc... <br /><br />His favourites foreign labels are Storm Record Scotland, Killout, Hard of Hearing, Industrial Strenght and Headfuck Record. <br /><br />Favourites Hardcore artists : Armaguet Nad, Fist of Fury, Angel Flo, Dj freak, Dj Tron, and many more... <br /><br />