chad valli

Re-live the sounds, the looks and the... smells?? of the Sensational Seventies! <br /> Not just a Disco, more a 70s experience. <br />The name Johnny 7 comes from the name of a toy gun that was around in the 1970's which had 7 attachments to it. Shaun had one of these toys as a boy and he liked it so much, he bought the name. (Victor Kyam - Remington) When D.J. ing he teams up with Chad Valli and together they are a fabtastic, supergroovy (call it what you will, mate) duo. Between them they have a fantastic knowledge about 70s music, hence most of our shows are based around this. <br />A space hopper champion in 1976, Johnny 7 is still in the Double Diamond Book Of Records for the fastest lap around the Top of the Pops studio. Chad is the quiet one, having had a major Chopper accident and twisting his clackers in 1975. He says very little but spins a mean disc. His love of 70's music started when he used to empty the bins and clean the toilets in the Supersonic Studios. <br />