Carlemile "Mr. Hollywood" Viel

Before I was Mr. Hollywood, I was Carlemile Viel. Im just an ordinary guy from Jamaica Queens who likes to make movies and music videos. My life goal is to tell stories. Im easy to talk to, Im a real people person. I am a very devoted person that likes to get things finished and I do balance out fun and seriousness. Im a lil competitive and driven and (from what I heard) have an aura of mystery which sometimes people find astounding. Im a christain but its not like Im stuck up. I have made mistakes in life but thats a whole different story....but some will make some good ideas for a film. I have over 112 different story lines (none I can fiugre out which 1 to film). Im a young movie actor, writer, director, producer, and editer. I make my own films with family and friends. I AM HOLLYWOOD! Im taking independent film-making into a new directions. Low budget, big films! <br /><br /> <br /> <br />