Daniel James Hayne

My real name is Daniel, I was born in Cardiff <br />which is in the south of Wales, and now live 11 miles from Barry in Llantwit Major. <br /><br />I am the forth of Four Children, and I'm 19. I'm also 2 feet taller then most people in my family <br /><br />One brother, Simon 24, who I have never gotten on with to the point of violence. <br /><br />2 sisters, Gemma 22 who is the one treating me like her baby brother, and Joanne 21, who has had 2 children of her own, my nephews Callum and Lucas. <br /><br />My mum. 48 (she will kill me if she sees that, lol) is the nicest person that anyone could meet. To me she has been the only parent in my life. I won't go into the subject of my father. <br /><br />I live on a R.A.F. base, nice and quiet until the fighter/bomber Jets take off. <br /><br />I go to college at Bridgend college, which is where I picked up the nick name Bread. One of my college mates real name was Daniel Butterworth. I became Bread, he became Butter. <br /><br />Every now and then I get these Periods of Moodiness and darkness, they only happen once a year, but when they happen they last for a long time.