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La Materia Prima ® - Nature Essentials trade natural organic products such as: cosmetics, beauty and body care, natural medicines and remedies made from traditional and ancient recipes, medicinal and therapeutic herbs and plants, teas, organic food and food supplements, textiles and garments (we are shirts and blouses manufacturers) in 100% organic cotton and all kind of handmade, rare and pure products that are in accordance with our principles of nature preservation, sustainable production respecting human dignity.
Earth/World is changing and must be much more protected, so, we want to make some difference, that's why we want to develop this business and if possible, help small/medium companies to sell their own productions – as we all know, with the liberalization of world trade, must of micro, small and medium manufacturers/producers have very hard conditions to survive and compete with companies without fair salaries and work conditions and without social and legal obligations as we have, so, we make sure that our partners, producers, manufactures and suppliers respect human rights and human dignity to their workers, staff and partners.

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