Bleacher Bloggers

Calling all Monday Morning Quarterbacks, Couch Potato Coaches, Omniscient Observers and just plain Sportsaholics. Now there’s Bleacher Bloggers, a network that brings all your bragging, belly-aching and blogtificating together in one place. <br /><br />The Bleacher Bloggers are Dave Aizer and Brent Popolizio, a couple of dudes with nothing better to do than listen to you. That’s right, you! Dave and Brent scour the sports blogosphere, searching for especially cogent comments and opinions (or especially stupid ones). They look for the blogs that get their blood boiling, their hearts pounding and their jaws wagging. And then they jam on those blogs. It’s rowdy. It’s real. And it’s all about you. <br /><br />Once and for all, your voices will be heard! Every Tuesday and Friday, Dave and Brent will be bringing you the best stories, straight from the sports blogs.