Witney, United Kingdom
Welcome to my channel! Featuring BBC Video 'Start and Ends' and UK Gold (Doctor Who) continuity clips! I'm also on Youtube! Click on the "Find me elsewhere" link on the right.
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Well then I'm sorry about that, Louis Walkden requested me all of this but I shouldn't listen to him, maybe next time I'll avoid Louis Walkden.
Penina Mezei
Interesting Channel you have here. Hope that you upload more Blackadder videos. Cheerio Penina Mezei
September by Penina Mezei
Apart from 2/3 Doctor Who clips, BBC WW haven't taken anymore down :)

May by benriggers
Hi there Benriggers, the VHS clip I uploaded yesterday was Pokemon - Volume 1 released in 2001 on VHS by Warner Home Video but that video got flagged for copyright by Shogakukan Productions. Has BBC Worldwide ever flagged your uploads for copyright?