Beppe Lamandini

Non au bouclier spatial en Europe. <br />No allo scudo stellare. <br />Europa wolna od broni nuklearnej. <br />No star wars - online petition: <br /><br />My Italian parents emigrated to Belgium where I was born and brought up. However Italy was still in my heart and when I was 20 years old I upped and left behind my friends, family and home country. <br /><br />I’ve lived in the north of Italy 21 years. I live now in Poland with my Polish wife and my son. I'm a blackbelt in judo, the most important sport in my life. I have a diploma in business management. I speak French, Italian and a bit of English and am learning Polish with my son :) <br /><br />I'm not Italian, Belgian or Polish but a bit of all of them. All my interests became superficial when my son was born. I've become egotistical- what's important is his future and my present. <br /><br />I'd like to live in a country that disagrees with nuclear power, a free country where television is independent and doesn't hail to the head of state. A country that doesn't have the state giving one billion of euros to newspaper editors even if they only sell only one paper. <br /><br />I'd like to live in a country that respects its constitution. Where the president doesn't sign an electoral law that violates human rights. <br /><br />Finally, a country where I'm not scared that my YouTube videos will be removed like what happened to my friends! <br />