Arica Angelo

Arica Angelo is a writer and coach for those who are on the pursuit of Love with Dating and Relationships. Her style of writing reflects her quirky personality, while fun and lovable, she still reaches in and touches the deepest places of the heart.<br /><br />From being married to divorced, single again and back into meaningful relationships, she’s covered it all. Her love for people and their desire to be in a place to be loved is what keeps her open and vulnerable by sharing her own journey.<br /><br />From her YouTube Channel, her book “Struttin’ Your Way Through a Broken Heart”, or her work on her website, be ready for lots of laughs and deep thoughts that will draw out the questions waiting to be answered in you. If you’re ready for answers and solutions that go pass meaningless dating and into a heart felt journey of love, then Arica Angelo is the lady you’ve been waiting for!