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Thanks for adding me back, apple4b. ^^ It's funny.. I was a big fan of GR back when he did les Miserables, Quills... and I stopped following him until I saw him on PoTC again and, damn! here we go again. it's really nice to see that he got so many fans and that you can find a lot fo videos about him in the net.
Il y a 6 ans par g672
Add a comment!this is kinda like imbarising LOL. i have added the Geoffrey Rush vid on to the fan site but i dont no how to add it to my site LOL XD. could you help he plz? ^^
Il y a 6 ans par whogal1
Thank for acceping my friend request.
Il y a 7 ans par Patricia
laura seminara
How can I do to contact you, apple 4b
Il y a 7 ans par laura seminara

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