Paterson Andrew Paterson

Existing as a privately held Philanthropic Corporation based in Paris France, Laneo currently operates in 20 countries around the world. It was founded in 2005 by Andrew Paterson, an avid triathlete and nature enthusiast, who wanted give back to nature, the global community, and most importantly to his young son and the future generations of outdoor enthusiasts. <br /><br />Traveling the world competing in Triathlons for close to 20 years, Andrew realized he had not only experienced nature in its finest moments but that he had also been a witness to its destruction. <br /><br />Utilizing his knowledge and experience from his years working in Fortune 500 companies, Andrew created Laneo and opened the doors to a fresh approach to philanthropy. <br /><br />Uniting outdoor enthusiasts and the outdoor sport industry in the fight to protect nature, Laneo’s unique model brings value to everyone involved it. And when everyone receives value, it is easy for everyone to continue contributing to it. It makes Laneo one of the most sustainable philanthropic models ever to be introduced.