Lowave is a Paris-based film and curator label founded in 2002 by Marc Horchler and Silke Schmickl to promote experimental film and contemporary video art and make them accessible beyond the film festival, gallery and museum circuit. <br /><br />Lowave provides an insight into the vibrant world of contemporary artistic creation. Alongside historic figures such as Marguerite Duras, Maurice Lemaître, Takahiko Iimura, and Helga Fanderl, Lowave has put forward some of the most important emerging artists from around the world, working with different techniques and multiple modes of expression. <br /><br />In addition to individual, monographic titles, the Lowave catalogue also features an important number of compilations, including Different Cinema,, Hors Pistes, co-produced with the Pompidou Center, Resistance I-III and Re:Frame, two collections of avant-garde Arab and Indian film and video art. A series of documentaries on art, artists at work, as well as portraits complete the label’s editorial selection. <br /><br />Originally conceived as a DVD label, Lowave has expanded its activities during the last four years. Production, distribution and in particular curatorial projects have become the label's main activities. With a strong international focus including Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Lowave concentrates on bigger artistic research projects (e.g. Human Frames, Resistance, In/Flux...) that can take different forms, ranging from exhibitions, screenings, artist talks, academic lectures to DVD publications. Artistic innovation and experimentation, interdisciplinarity, interculturality, and a strong human interest caracterize Lowave's work philosophy. Lowave is a think-tank and an open platform where ideas around contemporary art and moving images in particular are explored.