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    Ciné-Romand by Françoise Romand


    by Lowave

    Ciné-Romand is a mise-en-abyme of previous films of Francoise Romand. Spectators are invited to discover them at a happening that mixes fiction and reality as domestic theater. Voyeurs are not always who we think they are. Romand takes her inspiration from L’Arroseur arrosé (The Sprinkler Sprinkled), continuing the role of her great-grandfather from La Ciotat, the playful kid who bent the hose to stop the water. After filming the spectators and tenants of the apartments where documentary scenes were improvised, Romand integrated them fictionally into excerpts from previous films, reworked in the editing.

    Francoise Romand has this vision that mixes exquisite irony, indiscretion and a genuine passion for people. This director has always been interested in unusual destinies. - Catherine Hublot, Le Monde

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