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BLGM, your whole argument is based in christainity, the religion you so Despise, When the True Creator has No Religion what so ever. Compassion is an Action, its called Showing Love. It Doesn't reward its Children for spewing venom and hatred upon those who ask Real Questions and want truthful answers, or to those who dont believe what you say, cause you havent really proven much of anything (so why would anyone Believe you?) beyond a few bible codes etc. (from once again the Christian Dogma), pointing to yourself as the supposed returned reincarnated Father and Son. Its Believe Brian or go to hell. You dont have to answer to anyone (So you say). That is Not love or Truth, it's called Tyranny. Wanting Power, to Rule by Fear is Evil. And That is an Abomination

After Devoting myself to what I thought was the truth, 4yrs of my life, to finally realize that they are Not telling the truth, lie and Manipulate everyone for their own gain. These links are of comments and statements I have addressed to Brian and Janelle they Refuse to answer to, till they finally attacked me, and still lied, and Condemed me and my famiily (and my dead Mother, God rest her Soul) to HELL for asking questions they dont want to be held accountable for. So No People I dont believe them at all anymore, We been takin for a ride. No True Creator would act as they do with their hate and wishy washy ways. Checkmate, Brian you Low Life Dictator Wanna Be!

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