Brian Yahweh Conceived April 5th 1944 ~ Born Jan 11th 1944


by LisaMarie

Mary Magdalene - from NibiruClose

Oh now the queen is the reincarnate of Vald the Impailer also? well (so you have said brian) Prince Charles is Solomon lucifer, then he's Vald the Impaler and now hes jack the ripper, but how can Prince William be Vald, when you already have come out with that charles is Vald and the queen mother too? They cant all be Vald. Triple OxyMoron

6666 = verses for the name Lord. this number was the speed of the earth on april 5th 33 AD. resurrection and your conception april 5th 1944 resurrection at 66,666.6666 mph. How can that be if you were born Jan 11th, 1944 (a Big LOL there) you told us Lord means lucifer. So you are Lord Lucifer Brian then.

Here is another Lie, Brian states that grant went to Mt. Sinai, when in Fact it was Ayres Rock. (South Land of The Holy Spirit-1606) "gps and a Magellan hand held like the one Grant had with him at Ayres Rock." "proven by the gps my mate Grant had with him when he went to Ayres Rock," 7-16-2005

1 CREATION - Man and Woman
This is the vid where brian wrote 3068 instead of 3168, and it's Not a typo. He even says it verbally Jehovah 3068, but he Fails to mention the rest of it which is Jehovah (3068) = "the existing One" 1) the proper name of the one true God. ~ If this is True, then Yahweh is a Lie

You Expose nothing that hasnt already been out there on the net, All the info about the freemanson, illuminati, Catholic church, the Pope, Zionism, NWO Evil etc... you cant claim any of it. the only orginal thing you can claim is your numbers of the Great Pyramid , which have been Proven that you Manipulate, so thats Null and Voided. You are part of the Evil, for Sure not the Hope of the returned Jesus. You are Not here to lead the world into Paradise, what you do is cause hate and division just like every other religion out there. You also havent proven to cure anyone. Your a Charlatan, a modern day Snake Oil Salesman.

the man is paranoid schizophrenic, on top of sociopathic narrissium and no one is worth more than he is to himself. I am Happy Michelle got all the money from the sale of your home, after all the years of Abuse she put up with you the Demi god wanna be arsehole, she Deserves every penny. You blaming her for her broken wrist as the angels did it casue she wont bow and worship your Insanity.You are one sick puppy brian. All your exwives you claim are whores and publically flog them. though you have said many yrs that michelle is Mary Magdalene, she the espoused of jesus represents the female soul of Ammah our 'Mother', which is the collective soul of all mankind, which is to marry Christ. (Marriage Supper of the Lamb) but now it's Janelle Asherah who has replaced her as the Mother of all Living (having had Abortions makes her more the Mother of All Living dead things) Who you wont even marry, as you keep changing the dates of your (sic) divine bibliical codes to suit yourself. Brian, you couldnt keep a story straight if your life depended on it.