Constable Odo

Also known under other online aliases.

Retired. Single.

Dedicated Macintosh user currently using a 24" Intel 3.06 iMac running Snow Leopard, an Intel MacBook Pro 2.33 both running Snow Leopard 0S 10.6.2, (also WinXP Corporate Pro in BootCamp 3 and Windows 7 Ultimate using Parallels Desktop 5)

Gran Turismo for PS2 fanatic and have recently started Need for Speed Triple Pack while waiting to acquire a PS3 and GT5.
Avid Korean drama fan. Used to be heavily into Japanese dramas but there are far more subtitled Korean dramas being broadcast in my area now.

BitTorrent freak. Always sharing a decent amount of current subtitled Japanese and Korean movie torrents. Not to mention the latest American movie DVD releases.