Constable Odo

Also known under other online aliases. <br /><br />Retired. Single. <br /><br />Dedicated Macintosh user currently using a 24" Intel 3.06 iMac running Snow Leopard, an Intel MacBook Pro 2.33 both running Snow Leopard 0S 10.6.2, (also WinXP Corporate Pro in BootCamp 3 and Windows 7 Ultimate using Parallels Desktop 5) <br /><br />Gran Turismo for PS2 fanatic and have recently started Need for Speed Triple Pack while waiting to acquire a PS3 and GT5. <br />Avid Korean drama fan. Used to be heavily into Japanese dramas but there are far more subtitled Korean dramas being broadcast in my area now. <br /><br />BitTorrent freak. Always sharing a decent amount of current subtitled Japanese and Korean movie torrents. Not to mention the latest American movie DVD releases.