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Chocolate - Thai Martial Arts Movie with English Subs
Release: 4/27/2008
Run Time: 1 hour 38 minutes (Five parts 1-5)

Starring JeeJaa Yanin as Zen, Hiroshi Abe

Yakuza Masashi and his Thai lover Zin were forced to separate with Masashi being sent back to Japan and Zin to continue staying in Bangkok as a single mother. Brought up single-handedly by Zin, their daughter Zen is autistic in nature. She is compensated with agility and picks up Muay Thai through watching television programs and from observing the trainings taking place at the Muay Thai academy next door. Zen becomes an obsessive fighter who excels at catching fast-flying objects. When Zin is diagnosed with cancer, Zen has to fight her way through to collect money from her mother's debtors to raise her medical funds.

Although the plot was rather thin, the fight sequences were very entertaining. JeeJaa is no Tony Jaa, but she has some great agility and fine moves.

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