Art Uber Alles is a musical-cultural program that has as its main purpose is to enhance and promote artists from the entire spectrum of music and the arts, but mainly support species not adequately represented by the media and yet these are special musical, artistic and cultural interest. <br />The Art Uber Alles was first raised in March 2006 by the frequency of Channel 9 and having successfully completed 2 seasons moved to television in the incidence of Smart in early 2008. He has completed a cycle of 500 one-hour episodes and has already established preferences, and the Athens-not only-viewing public as a quality and endiaferysa alternative. During this time the Art Uber Alles managed to be the only music-cultural program which identified the alternative music scene and has developed an interactive relationship with all stakeholders in the scene (Magazines, forums, free press, radio, record labels, myspace, concert organizers, etc.) <br /><br />