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    interview - Jennifer Scream in art uber alles



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    Jennifer Scream project was born with the moniker "Never Wingz" in 2005 from an idea of the singer and the drummer ("MET"/Stefano "Battero" Foglia). At the beginning the band plays classic rock cover (Aerosmith,Motley Crue,Kiss,Led zeppelin,Deep Purple...). Well...These guys set many pubs on fire with their debut promo "Something Else?". They win the second place at Sanremo Red Music Festival and a special trophy of the same jury. In 2007 their line up is formed by: MET, Battero, the guitar hero Jimmy Raven and the bassman Dallas Durden. Then they decide to change the name of the band with "JENNIFER SCREAM" and they are ready to create the tracks of their first full lenght "Under My Pin Heels". In May Roxxy is the new bass-player of the band. The guys promote their music in many pubs of northern Italy specially in Milan at Music Drome with HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and in cesena at "Villa Silvia Rock Festival" , in our city at "Rock In The Casbah" with LINEA 77 and at "Heaven and Hell Festival" with GLEEN HUGHES. In December 2009 the band publishes the second album "It's rock,You suck!" featuring Thomas Silver (Ex-guitar of Hardcore Superstar). Jennifer Scream have started the "Tour of Pleasure" at Motorockas with PRETTY BOY FLOYD (only italian date)