Brandon Tyhisha

His name - Brandon.<br /><br />Her name - Tyhisha.<br /><br />Together they form "10Rhythms."<br /><br />Bio:<br /><br />Brandon and Tyhisha met in 2010 in an advanced classical guitar class during their junior year in high school. Months later, they joined a guitar group to compete in the Brooklyn Philharmonic Competition, taking home the 1st place title.<br /><br />Ever since then, Brandon and Tyhisha have been enjoying similar music together. Both fell in love with Alternative, Rock, Indie Rock, and Pop songs. So they decided, why not make covers of the songs they listen to on a daily basis? So now they are both here today to do as many covers as they possibly can with the music they enjoy to hear.<br /><br />So hit the subscribe button, the like button, and comment on their videos; just do what you can to support their "10Rhythms."<br /><br />Instruments:<br /><br />Guitars:<br /><br />Electric Squier Strat by Fender<br /><br />Dean Playmate Bass<br /><br />Classical Acoustic Electric Cordoba C5-CE<br /><br />Acoustic ESP AC10