0x51d // vinyl records

Fair Use! My main purpose is to promote the artists, spread the knowledge about them & make it possible to discover great music & hear some old, since long out of print classics again. Everything is recorded from my personal collection of vinyl records.<br /><br />I used to have a YouTube channel since 2008 with over 20 million video views, but unfortunately it got shut down in 2014. I'm re-uploading all those videos here.<br />You can read an interview with me about it here: http://www.hartzine.com/youtube-killed-the-video-star-johan-astrand-dj-zyron/<br /><br />I won't send or trade MP3s, so please don't contact me about that.<br />BUY MORE RECORDS!<br /><br />synthpop italo disco funk soul new wave space rock house electro cosmic 80s electro post-punk ndw vinyl maxi single 12" extended version dj zyron