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Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders doll proves a global hit for County Derry crafter Rosie

Derry Journal
Derry Journal
He’s been popping up all over the world virtually these past weeks and now popular US politician Bernie Sanders has been immortalised in the form of a crochet doll by talented local crafter Rosie McCann.
Limavady native Rosie was already a fan of the veteran Vermont Senator and former Democratic Presidential candidate when she chanced upon another artist’s woolly creation based on the iconic image of Bernie Sanders with his mittens and mask at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Rosie swiftly decided to purchase the pattern from TobeyTimeCrochet and have a go herself and the resulting little crochet figure, which bears a striking resemblance to the man of the moment himself, has proved a huge hit across the world, with orders already placed via Rosie’s Etsy page, Crochet By Rosiebelle.
“It was somebody else’s pattern and when I saw it and they released the pattern I thought, ‘Oh my God that is so cool, I have to make one of those’,” Rosie said.
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