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Emperors Of The Ice (preview)

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This is a preview of the documentary
"Emperors of the Ice"
(originally premiered on PBS Dec 27, 2006)

More about this film found here:
Scripps Scientists Investigate Climate Change from Penguins' Point of View
National Geographic's 'Emperors of the Ice'

As you can see in this video (unlike the March of the Penguins film) not only is the Emperor Penguin affected by global warming, but the Adelie Penguin is as well.

Related articles:

"Penguin Decline in Antarctica Linked With Climate Change"
By John Roach for National Geographic News
May 9, 2001 << notice the date .....

"Over the past 50 years, the population of Antarctic emperor penguins has declined by 50 percent. Using the longest series of data available, reseachers have shown that an abnormally long warm spell in the Southern Ocean during the late 1970s contributed to a decline in the population of emperor penguins at Terre Adelie, Antarctica.

"We knew since the 1980s that emperor penguins had declined, but it is only today, because of the improvements of our knowledge in the climate-ocean processes, that we have been able to understand why they have decreased," said Henri Weimerskirch of the French National Center for Scientific Research in Villers en Bois, France.

The warm spell of the late 1970s is related to the Antarctic circumpolar wave—huge masses of warm and cold water that circle Antarctica about once every eight years. In response to this cycle, Terre Adelie experiences a warming period every four or five years that generally lasts about a year.

In the late 1970s, however, the warming continued for several years. Whether it was the result of natural climate variability in the Antarctic circumpolar wave cycle or an anomaly related to global warming is not possible to determine because air and sea surface temperature data from many years ago are not available. Weimerskirch thinks the unusually warm spell was probably the result of global warming."

Full Article here:

"Half the World’s Penguin Species Marching Towards Extinction"
by Center for Biological Diversity
Tuesday Nov 28th, 2006 << notice the date
"The Emperor Penguin colony at Pointe Geologie, featured in the film “March of the Penguins,” has declined by 70 percent due to global warming."
FULL Article here:

TIP of the iceberg article
"Don't wait to save the polar bear"
We have to act quickly to stop the species from becoming a casualty of global warming.
January 8, 2007

"In November, we petitioned to protect 12 penguin species, including the ice-dependent emperor penguin.
These species are, unfortunately, just the tip of the extinction iceberg. One study estimates that a third of the Earth's creatures will be condemned to extinction by 2050. Polar bears may not be extinct until 2040, but that doesn't mean we have 30 years to do nothing.
* Hansen, the NASA climate scientist, has repeatedly warned that merely keeping up the current pace of emissions for 10 more years will irreversibly alter the Earth's climate. If sea levels rise 18 feet or more, a large proportion of the world's human population will be displaced — or worse. Polar bears are not the only species threatened by global warming. Absent political action from the United States and the world, the rest of us may be as well."
Full article here (copy & paste entire link) :,0,2035118.story?coll=la-opinion-underdog

* See Dr James Hansen in this video called:
"Global Warming Cover up"
from a BBC report June 2006:

See other recent related news videos here:

BBC & CNN Dec 28, 2006
"Protecting the Polar Bear"

BBC Dec 12 2006
"Arctic Warning on Polar Ice Caps and Polar Bears"

Dec 29th 2006:
Images of the ICE shelf that broke off in Canada, (41 square miles) here:

"Huge Arctic ice break discovered"
Friday, 29 December 2006
" Scientists have discovered that an enormous ice shelf broke off an island in the Canadian Arctic last year, in what could be sign of global warming.
Ice shelves in Canada's far north have shrunk by as much as 90% since 1906. "

Find out more about Climate Change
and penguins here:

Visit on photographs of
"Polar Thaw: Global Warming in the Arctic & Antarctic"

See "March of the Penguins (preview)" here:

See "The Inside Story of March of the Penguins" here:

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