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Coffee Benefits Damian Alexander, MD discusses Coffee Benefits

Damian Alexander
6 years ago|85 views
In this video I will discuss
Coffee Benefits
Coffee increases cognitive performance
Especially when you are rested
When you are tired coffee is used to alleviate mental and physical fatigue
Coffee is also used to increase physical performance
Some athletes take caffeine pills before a
game in order to give their best on the field
Another benefit of coffee is to increase the metabolic rate and thermogenesis; and
Thus aid in fat loss
Coffee drinkers are reported to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
This correlation has been criticized as having more to do with poverty
Than the benefits of coffee
Those who can afford coffee can afford higher quality foods and better healthcare
And thus reduce their risk of these diseases independent of coffee usage
Some studies have shown
protective benefits to the liver
A reduction of gallstone disease
progression has also been noted
One interesting finding is coffee can induce the suicide of cancerous cells
It is thus believed to aid both in cancer prevention and treatment
Some specific examples are
a reduced risk of oral, esophageal,
Pharyngeal, breast and prostate cancer
in moderate coffee drinkers
Coffee has also been shown to increase the effectiveness of pain killers and
Can be used as migraine
and headache medication
A 2004 study concluded that coffee consumption is associated with significant increases in inflammation

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