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Newborn Puppy Rescued from Drain Pipe

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A newborn puppy is rescued from a drain pipe.

Puppies top the list of adorable creatures, but they can inadvertently get into dangerous situations.

Recently, a newborn pup was rescued from a drain pipe.

The tiny dog reportedly discovered the small opening, which was a little over the size of a baseball. Quickly, the puppy fell and descended down the drain.

Fortunately a plumber was close by and heard the dog’s yelps echoing through the pipe. A Roto-Rooter employee, Albert Emerson responded to the call to save the animal.

After digging and cutting the pipe, the dog was eventually freed from his spot, which was 56-feet deep in the drain line.

The now safe pup has been named Albert, after the life-saving Roto-Rooter expert.

Last year, another puppy in Michigan was saved following dramatic efforts from rescuers. The then 4-week-old mix breed got trapped in an underground pipe.

A rescue operation over a span of full day was undertaken to save him. The puppy 'Nelson' was cold and afraid when he was brought out but subsequently, he found a loving home.
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