Rover - Queen Of The Fools (Official video)

  • il y a 11 ans
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Director : Frank Seiler
Director of Photography : Thomas Letellier
Camera Assistant : David Frak-Lauer
Assistant Director : Gwen Ghelid
Set Designer : Benjamin Fanni
Key Light : Brice Tupin
Electrician : Adrien Maillard
Cast : Eri Oya
Make-Up : Joanna Darmon
Colorist : Sylvain Canaux

Produced by Yelena Nikolic & Guillaume Loeb - GENERIQUE PRODUCTIONS (PH)

Special thanks to :
Mai Ito Delhomme, Louis Arcelin (DV), Philippe Guillemain (RVZ), Thibault Gerber (Studios Sets), Schmooze