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- BOCADEBABA 2 - Femcees Fest

il y a 6 ans158 views

LaGueuleNoire (http://www.lagueulenoire.org/)
- PriseSon/ Dav&Luluherbesfolles
Bonus: https://soundcloud.com/aridabsurdalah

The urge to create this first edition of the FeMC's Hip-Hop festival stems from the realization that most Hip-Hop events feature very few womyn, or no womyn at all. While all of us womyn/dyke/trans Hip-Hop lovers know for sure that there ARE tons of womyn out there getting busy in the rap game !
We wanted to give them an opportunity to get the exposure they deserve on a common stage, and to share their skills through workshops that would feature all disciplines of Hip-Hop culture : graffiti, turntablism, rap, breakdancing (and other forms of Hip-Hop dance).

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- BOCADEBABA 2 - Femcees Fest
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