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How to use Modafinil Damian Alexander, MD discusses How to use Modafinil

Damian Alexander
6 years ago|369 views

In this video I will discuss
How to use Modafinil

The key to Modafinil use is:
1) Use the lowest effective dose
2) Use it with precise regularity
The general instructions on the package are:
"Take one 50-200mg dose by mouth with or without food"
"If you miss a dose, then skip it"
And then things are left at that
I don't agree with this approach and
I will give you a more specific protocol
"Doses over 500mg/day may cause euphoria, slight motor excitation and insomnia"
Again, I find this unacceptable
Modafinil has addiction potential
In terms of dosage, I would never go over 200mg of Modafinil per day
And I would generally keep it at either
1x 100mg/day dosage in the morning OR
2x doses of 50mg at an 8hour interval
(for a total of 100mg/day of Modafinil)
Before you even think of using Modafinil
You should memorize the following information:
Oral administration of Modafinil produces effects for 5-10 hours;
Time to onset: 20-60 mins
Coming up: 10-30 mins
Plateau: 3.5-5 hours
Coming down: 1-3 hrs
After effects: 2-6 hours
Take Modafinil in the morning unless otherwise directed by your doctor
If you miss a dose of Modafinil,
then I strongly advise you skip it
And go back to your regular
dosing schedule tomorrow
DO NOT take 2 doses at once
If you are elderly use extra caution because you may be more sensitive to its effects
Here is the best (general)
dosing schedule to use
Take 50mg of Modafinil as soon as you wake up and wait 30minutes before eating
After exactly 8 hours, take another 50mgs of Modafinil again, on an empty stomach
If you miss a dose, skip it
Use Modafinil at EXACTLY
the same time each day
Avoid combining Modafinil with other medications -
Especially psychiatric
and cardiovascular drugs
These guidelines will help you avoid problems
If you are going to purchase Modafinil online
Have a look at some of the sites I have screened at
In most situations,
I would advise against using Modafinil
But I believe many will try it anyway so you might as well be correctly informed
In this video you have learned
How to use Modafinil

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