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Saint Seiya Live Action ep.3 - The birth of a new Dragon - Knight of the Zodiac

Carlo Trevisan
This is the third episode of the Saint Seiya Live Action, a non-profit project inspired by Saint Seiya -- Knights of the Zodiac, on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.
The story takes place after the Hades Chapter.
In the previous episodes Shun found June. Seiya who wento into a coma after the fight against Hades, suddenly came out of it. Shiryu is training together with Shunrei and Kiki.
It's all so quiet when suddenly the enemies decide to come back and ruin the paceful atmosphere.
This episode (as well as next ones that will be realesed soon) refers to the timeline that starts with Lost Cavas and goes on with the traditional series.
Next Dimension is not taken into account given that it represents a different timeline compared with that of Lost Canvas. Neither the ova of Tenkai Hen is taken into consideration because it's a spin-off.
Saint Seiya rebirth has been written and directed as a sequel to the anime series.