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  • 11 years ago
Introduction of sirat-ul-jannah

Sirat-Ul-Jannah Trust/Orphanage. The gigantic project of Sirat-ul-Jannah Trust/Orphanage was initiated in Pakistan by a UK BORN, NEW MUSLIM LADY MRS. GHUFRAN QURESHI in 1990. Currently the trust has branches in four different cities of the country namely Murree, Karachi, Khanewal, and Islamabad. IMAM-E-KABAH, Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdullah Bin Humaid came to know about her noble efforts and visited Sirat-ul-Jannah along with his delegation at Murree in 2006. He inaugurated one of the most beautiful mosques in Pakistan built by Sirat-ul-Jannah, named Masjid-e-Imam-e-Kabah Murree. He was highly impressed with our humble efforts and gave very appreciating remarks in the visitors book. The government of Pakistan also has generously admitted and acknowledged the ladys efforts and awarded her with TAMGHA-E-IMTIAZ.
Since last 19 years, Sirat-ul-Jannah Trust has been able to cater all these needy people merely with the blessings of ALLAH and the help of generous and kind people like you. We are cordially thankful and appreciate the way people have supported us in this noble cause. Keeping in view your kind and generous nature towards the needy, she requests you to come forward and help her in this noble cause. Your support will not only help us in managing the financial affairs smoothly but will also be a source of great encouragement and motivation for this dedicated lady.

We are very hopeful to have a very kind and positive response from your side very soon.

May ALLAH (SWT) bless you with HIS Rehmat