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9 years ago

James Brown speaks about "My Fight". Live at the Apollo Theater. March 1968. from James Brown: speaks about "My Fight" (Live at the Apollo Theater)

James Brown speaks about "My Fight" over footage of the end of his performance. Live at the Apollo Theater in New York City, March 1968. James Brown talks his future as a black man and his "fight with the past". James Brown: Man to Man was a concert film recorded live at the Apollo Theater. It was broadcast as an hour-long syndicated television special and is one of the first color recordings of James Brown.

Video transcript:

Narrator: Yeah, more broken black family, all of a sudden in another race in the world and this got to be reasonable we needed an education more so than the other race. And my life has just started. My fight is I guess the past, the old color man. My fight is against that, my fight none is part of black American becomes American.

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